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olex truly isn't like any other watch brand name. In reality, the privately held, independently run entity isn't like most other business. I can say this now with a lot more clearness than the majority of people since I existed. Rolex rarely enables anybody into its hallowed halls, but I was welcomed to visit their four manufacture places in Switzerland and experience first-hand how Rolex makes their popular watches.Rolex is a universe of its own: respected; appreciated; valued; and understood across the globe. In some cases I kick back and believe about all that Rolex is and does and find it difficult to think that at the end of the day, they just make watches. Rolex does just make watches and their watches have taken on a function beyond that of simple timekeeper. Having said that, the reason a "Rolex is a Rolex" is due to the fact that they are good watches and tell quite excellent time. It's taken me over a decade to completely value the brand name, and it will most likely take longer before I discover whatever I want to know about them.The purpose of this rticle isn't to provide you an absolutely inside appearance at Rolex. That isn't possible because as of now there is a stringent "no photography" policy at Rolex. There is a really genuine mystique behind the manufacture because they are fairly closed and their operations aren't public. The brand takes the idea of Swiss discreetness to a brand-new level, and in a great deal of manner ins which benefits them. So because we can't show you what we saw, I wish to share with you some fascinating truths that every Rolex and enjoy enthusiast must understand.1. Rolex Utilizes A Pricey And Difficult-To-Machine Steel Due To The Fact That It Looks Much better
Lots of watch fans recognize with the reality that Rolex utilizes a kind of steel that no one else uses. Stainless steel is not all the same. Steel comes in various types and grades ... and most steel watches are made from a type of stainless-steel called 316L. Today, all the steel in Rolex watches is made from 904L steel, and as far as we understand, basically no one else does. Why?

Rolex utilized to utilize the very same steel as everybody else, however in around Click here to find out more 2003 they moved their entire steel production to 904L steel. In 1988 they launched their first 904L steel watch with a few versions of the Sea-Dweller. 904L steel is more rust and deterioration resistant, and is somewhat more difficult than other steels. Essential to Rolex, is that 904L steel, when worked appropriately, has the ability to take (and hold) polishes incredibly well. If you have actually ever observed that steel on a Rolex watch looks different than other watches, it is since of 904L steel, and how Rolex has actually found out to work with it.
A natural question is why does not everybody else in the watch industry use 904L steel? An excellent guess is since it is more expensive and far more complicated to machine. Rolex needed to change most of their steel working machines and tools to handle 904L steel. It made sense for them because of the quantity of watches they produce, and since they make all their parts in-house. A lot of other brands get their cases made from outdoors suppliers. So even though 904L steel is much better than 316L steel for watches, it is more pricey, needs unique tools and skills, and is in general harder to work with. This has actually avoided other brand names (up until now) from benefiting from it, and is something unique that Rolex has. The benefit is apparent once you handle any steel Rolex watch.

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